Imairee Sullivan

Please touch and agree with me that God bless me with a new job.

Nov-21 / last prayer 106m ago
Walter Johnson

Please pray for my son Walter Johnson who's in hospital in Cincinnati oh that body will continue to heal from bacteria in his blood take swelling

Nov-21 / last prayer 105m ago
Sage Allen

Pray for Sage Allen, my 13 month old granddaughter. She is getting fluid drained from her inner ears and will also have tubes inserted. Procedure is Monday, November 27th.

Nov-25 / last prayer 105m ago

Pray that my brother can find a temp job until he can go back to driving 18 wheeler.

Nov-15 / last prayer 105m ago

I'm praying for myself that this new journey God has for me next year that my mind, body & soul is ready. My anxiety doesn't go up and my depression doesn't come back stronger. I pray that I have my e

Nov-15 / last prayer 105m ago
Justin Parks

Please pray for son in Illinois, he is in the hospital and going to be put on kidney dialysis. He has been dealing with lupus for years. His blood pressure would not go down.

Nov-29 / last prayer 106m ago
Glovis Williams

Please pray for a family with me that were in a car wreck. Paul & Sue are the parents. Two children Adam and Amanda (one of the children is in the ICU and the other is in critical condition.)

Nov-21 / last prayer 105m ago